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Do you know someone who just brings you down within minutes of being with them?  You actual start to feel as bad as they do.  Surprise!  When you start to interact with them they are giving you subtle commands to feel as bad as they do. Linguistically, they are known as Embedded Commands.  It is a way to hide action commands in plain sentences and normal conversation that are processed directly by the unconscious mind. Oh, and by the way, everyone uses them to some degree.  Most don’t know they are doing it.

It is a powerful linguistic technique and when applied correctly can garner results when you, use them.

What are Embedded Commands exactly?

Basically embedded commands are language patterns that are specifically tailored for the unconscious mind and they subtly influence people to take an action. It does not matter what product or service you are selling.  When you use embedded commands you can help yourself achieve your goals.

Embedded commands help to channel or direct a prospect’s influence in a direction. They can help to invoke certain kinds of emotions that will work in your favor when you are trying to sell your product or services.  Embedded commands make your sales message more compelling.  They are a subtle and persistent call to action at the unconscious level.  All the prospect hears is the statement about your product or service.  The unconscious mind hears something completely different.  The more you use them, the more the prospect feels compelled to do something.  Just as others employ them to influence you, structured and used correctly, you can use them to subtly influence the prospect to use a product or service.  Embedded commands are an important sales strategy.

Examples of Embedded Commands

You must be wondering what could be termed as embedded commands and how can they be used. For example, “Buy this product”. This is a common embedded command yet people may not consciously realize this fact. That is because all embedded commands are disguised or “embedded” inside phrases.

I can get you to think about anything I want you to think about with the negative embedded command.

Imagine when you approach a prospect and just say – “Buy this product, it is the best and you will benefit greatly from it.”  What do you think the customer will think of this?  It is highly likely that may have lost your sales opportunity.

On the other hand, you can put it like this – “When you buy this product, you can feel the difference immediately“.  Clever, isn’t it?  The phrase “When you” has helped you to deliver the embedded command “buy this product“.  Here you have set the assumption that the client will buy the product and at the same time, you have brought a visual perspective to the advantages of buying this product by “feel the difference immediately“, another embedded command.

There are plenty of examples of embedded commands:

-       Say yes

-       Act now

-       Learn this

-       Order now

The list is a long one. Embedded commands are incomplete without phrases such as:

-       You can

-       As you

-       When you

-       You will find

-       A person can

Delivering an Embedded Command

Delivering an embedded command is as important as the command itself no matter what media is being used.  If you are face to face with your clients, you have to incorporate the correct tonality in your voice to use embedded commands effectively.  You want the tone of your voice to drop down at the end of the command.  Use pauses to drive home the point to your prospect.

Also, you can use the person’s name prior to the embedded command for greater effectiveness.  We are all conditioned unconsciously to respond to our name.  “When you, Mr. Prospect, use our service you will find . . . “  The word you and the prospect’s name are the most influential words you can use in selling.

In the case of printed or online media, you may want to distinguish the commands with different fonts, or using any of the other techniques such as underlining, italics, highlighting, etc, to bring the embedded command forth.

Embedded commands are everywhere.  Now that I have made you aware of them you can recognize when others are using them on you.  Oh, by the way, your prospects use them on you too.  Look out!


Sales Tip #15:  One just won’t do! You can litter your presentation with embedded commands for a more compelling sales message and call to action.


Copyright 2012 J.P. Thompson CHt.  All rights reserved.

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